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      1. Li Liangji Decoction Service Center is the first large-scale professional processing agency for centralized processing of traditional Chinese medicine in Suzhou,  providing traditional processing services of traditional Chinese medicine formulating, decocting, cream recipe making, milling and pelleting for Suzhou and surrounding cities.

        National requirements for primary TCM services and suitable technologies are constantly increasing, and demands for TCM services are continuously released, but the capacity of TCM services in primary medical institutions is limited. In 2013, Suzhou Tianling Chinese Herbal Medicine Co. Ltd. launched the innovative pilot project of “Li Liangji Decoction Service Center” with vigorous promotion of Suzhou Municipal Health Bureau and Medicine Administration.

        The center has a total investment of 110 million Yuan, a total area of 11,000 square meters, more than 600 automatic decoction machines, more than 150 employees  including more than 50 professional and technical personnel, providing services to more than 550 medical institutions in Suzhou, Changzhou, Wuxi, Yangzhou, Taizhou, Zhenjiang and Jiangyin, handling annual over million prescriptions, and has an annual output value of more than 200 million Yuan.

        The center has established mature operation management systems, developing SOP and SMP operation procedures, ensuring operation process standardization, jointly developing quality traceability systems with professional software development companies, achieving tripartite cooperation and information sharing with medical institutions and regulatory agencies.

        In terms of logistics, Li Liangji has been equipped with more than 50 dedicated vehicles, applying comprehensive GPS management, cooperating with professional courier companies, relying on comprehensive information platforms and distribution networks, ensuring safe and prompt delivery within 24 hours. Patients can check  prescriptions in real time through Li Liangji APP.

        Relying on information technology, Li Liangji Decoction Service Center has created advanced models of "virtual traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy", providing  cracking ideas for solving decoction problems of medical institutions, providing reference for primary popularization of traditional Chinese medicine, serving as an important milestone in development.