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      1. Suzhou Li Liangji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

        Located in No. 358, Qingchengshan Road, SND, established in July 2017, with a registered capital of 50 million Yuan, Li Liangji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in wholesales of medicines. In December 2017, the company obtained GSP Authentication Certificate issued by Jiangsu Food and Medicine Administration. At present, the company is main engaged in Dong’e Ejiao and Fupai Ejiao.

        The company currently has 36 employees, including 1 practicing pharmacist and 2 practicing traditional Chinese pharmacists, and other qualified personnel deployed according to GSP and company actual operations.

        The company has configured corresponding facilities and equipment according to GSP requirements, warehouses with an area of 12,471 square meters. All warehouses are shaded, and equipped with intelligent temperature and humidity monitoring systems in accordance with regulations, providing effective guarantee for medicine storage quality.

        The company has more than 50 self-owned vehicles and vehicles shared with the group, with transportation routes covering entire Jiangsu Province, meeting prompt delivery needs of partners in Jiangsu Province.

        The company has developed quality management system documents covering medicine entry, storage, departure and transportation, jointly developed computer systems complying with GSP requirements with related software companies, implementing medicine entry, storage, departure and transportation in accordance with company quality management regulations and standard operating procedures. Computer system function modules set authorities in accordance with GSP requirements. Operational procedures are clear and smooth, and product flows and quality status can be fully traced.

        The company adheres to "quality first, customer first” philosophies, constantly improving product quality management, customer service quality, providing services to each customer.