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      1. Suzhou Li Liangji Health Industry Co., Ltd.

        Suzhou Li Liangji Health Industry Co., Ltd. was incorporated in December 2013 and settled in No. 358, Qingchengshan Road, SND (Huqiu District) in 2015. The company focuses on large health industries, merging research, development and sales of pharmaceutical health supplements, ginseng, Chinese medicine daily necessities, and Chinese medicine cosmetics into a single whole, centering on traditional dosage forms such as “cream, pellet, pill, powder, dew, wine and tea", further promoting consumer health needs, providing intimate quality services, centering on organic integration of traditional Chinese medicine culture and modern urban life, inheriting the traditional Chinese medicine culture, integrating regimen  into life quality, creating a new era of Li Liangji health.

        With a young and developing working team, the company has more than 100 employees, divided into departments of brands, sales, marketing, e-commerce, planning and design, undertaking Li Liangji brand promotion, new product development and marketing. Highlighting Li Liangji pioneering move from the traditional Chinese medicine decoction piece manufacturer to modern health service fields.

        Complying with modern people regimen concept and diversified health products for different customer groups such as men, women, the old and the young, vigorously deploying the "medicine, health, and purchase” model, meeting consumer needs for famous doctors, regimen and tonics. Currently, the company has 3 store complexes, 14 counters, operating more than 1,000 health products, opening flagship stores on major e-commerce platforms, relying on high-quality products, creative marketing, and people-friendly style, centering on traditional IP of traditional Chinese medicine culture, igniting regimen concept of urban people, leading the new trend of traditional Chinese medicine culture.