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      1. Li Liangji Traditional Chinese Medicine Cultural Public Service Center Profile

        As a treasure of the Chinese culture, Traditional Chinese medicine has made great contributions to prosperity of the Chinese nation. In the development of health China national 13th five-year strategy, traditional Chinese medicine played a significant and unique role in health promotion such as treating untreated diseases, recuperating chronic diseases, preventing and health care, and regimen services.

        As an aristocratic family of traditional Chinese medicine with century heritage, Li Liangji has focused on traditional skills and promoted intangible cultural heritage culture. In response to the call of national policies, it has established "Li Liangji Traditional Chinese Medicine Cultural Public Service Center” in Suzhou High-tech Zone (Huqiu District), with Li Liangji TCM Cultural Science Popularization Exhibition Hall as a carrier, opening to the society, conducting various activities such as cultural publicity, process display, workshop visit, parent-child integration, and fun experience, passing on health knowledge to the public, promoting the traditional Chinese medicine culture.


        1. Inheriting the traditional Chinese medicine culture, caring for the society;

        2. Focusing on morality and social health;


        1. Passing on traditional Chinese medicine cultural knowledge;

        2. Passing on health care knowledge, leading healthy lifestyles;

        3. Providing consulting services of common traditional Chinese Medicine efficacy and identification;

        4. Providing guidance services of Chinese medicine health and diet therapy;

        5. Managing experience activities, passing on traditional Chinese medicine culture essence;

        6.Conducting traditional Chinese medicine cultural exchanges;


        Wonderful Moments