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      1. Suzhou Tianling Chinese Herbal Medicine Decoction Piece Co., Ltd.

        Located at 218 Songshan Road, High-tech Zone, Suzhou City, established in 2002 by Mr. Li Jianhua, the third-generation inheritor of Li Liangji, Suzhou Tianling Chinese Herbal Medicine Co. Ltd. centers on  business philosophy of "Specializing in pharmacy and being honest", engaging in traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, refined decoction pieces, ginseng and pilose supplements and traditional Chinese medicine processing services. It is the first Chinese medicine decoction piece production enterprise passing GMP authentication in Suzhou City, and chairman of  Jiangsu Provincial Medicine Industry Association Chinese Medicine Decoction Piece Professional Committee.

        Over the years, against the background that the state positively encourages and supports traditional Chinese medicine industry, the company has achieved stable and rapid development. Currently, the company has an area of 18.12 acres, 1,043 kinds of Chinese medicine decoction pieces, more than 5,000 product specifications, more than 800 employees, annual output of more than 8,000-ton Chinese medicine decoction pieces, output value of more than 800 million Yuan and more than 2,000 customers.

        The company supplies Chinese medicine decoction pieces to over 1,000 medical institutions in Jiangsu Province, has more than 1,500 loyal customers, including more than 100 tertiary hospitals, more than 30 self-operated specialty stores "Li Liangji” ginseng and pilose store and boutiques, more than 10 special counters with major pharmaceutical chains such as Suzhou Lei Yunshang, Nanjing Simcere, a market share of 60% in Jiangsu Province.

        Focusing on product quality, the company has established 28 authentic medicinal material cooperative planting centers in Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, Ningxia, Gansu, Tibet, Guizhou and other provinces/regions, modern warehousing and logistics centers, complete original medicinal material warehouses, intermediate warehouses, finished product warehouse, with a storage area of more than 50,000 square meters. The production workshops are equipped with over 1,000 pieces of professional processing equipment such as variable frequency air separator, drum-type medicine washing machine, straight-cut medicine cutting machine, and professional quality inspection center.

        Centering on innovation-driving, the company has accumulatively applied for more than 430 patents, obtaining more than 30 approved invention patents. Cooperated with Soochow University, Suzhou University of Science and Technology, Suzhou Science and Technology Center Hospital, the company has developed "Jiangsu Postgraduate Workstation", "Jiangsu Traditional Chinese Medicine Decoction Piece Engineering Technology Research Center" and ”Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center", integrating university and enterprise, promoting integration of production, learning and research, constantly promoting enterprise upgrading.

        Relying on high-quality products and services, the company has obtained honors of "National High-tech Enterprise", "Jiangsu Famous Brand", "Jiangsu Famous Trademark", "Suzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage", "Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Industry Integrity Enterprise", "Jiangsu Excellent Private Scientific and Technological Enterprise".