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      1. Traditional Chinese medicine family, Centennial inheritance

        In 1914, Li Jinbao, a medicinal herb grower, opened "Li’s Pharmacy" in Baimajian, Fengqiao, widely known in the local area. He passed on the family motto of "Conscience and Good Medicine, Helping the society and the People," and became the founder of "Li Liangji". The second-generation inheritor, Mr. Li Jinfu, obeyed the family instructions and ran the pharmacy with great care. He carefully refined the traditional processing techniques of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces based on the fine quality of original medicinal materials. Through years of experience in purchasing and processing authentic medicinal materials, the third-generation inheritor, Mr. Li Jianhua, established "Suzhou Tianling Chinese Herbal Medicine Co. Ltd." in 2002, and registered the trademark "Li Liangji" in 2004. The company has an area of 20 acres, more than 1,000 employees, an output value of more than 1 billion Yuan, more than 2,000 customers.

        People pay increasing attention to health, focusing on prevention and treatment with traditional Chinese medicine, constantly expanding national health industry. Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, Li Liangji has successively established “Li Liangji Decoction Service Center", "Li Liangji Health Industry Co., Ltd.", "Li Liangji Traditional Chinese Medical Center Co., Ltd.", "Li Liangji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.",  opening up the industrial chain of traditional Chinese medicine, health and regimen, and cultural tourism, forming a business pattern of "medicine, regimen, shopping and tourism".

        For more than a century, Li Liangji has adhered to the ancestral ethics, centering on  business philosophy of "Specializing in pharmacy and being honest", implementing the service tenet of "Focus, profession, sincerity and integrity", determining to inherit the essence of Wu’s Medicine and promoting traditional Chinese medicine. Up to now,  it has obtained several dozen honorary titles such as "National Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Tourism Demonstration Center Creator", "Jiangsu Famous Brand", "Jiangsu Famous Brand Product", "National High-tech Enterprise", "Jiangsu Science Popularization Education Center", "Jiangsu Industrial Tourism Demonstration Center", "Jiangsu Excellent Private Scientific and Technological Enterprise", "Suzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage", and "Suzhou Time-honored Brand".