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      1. Liangji means sound medicine benefiting the society.

        In the last years of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty, Li Jinbao lived in the mountains near the Taihu Lake. Poor and hungry, he ate wild vegetables in the mountains. One day, he climbed up a cliff and strayed into the bush. Suddenly, clouds rose, and he didn't know what to do. After a while, he saw elderly man in about eighties, with several feet long purple beard and bright face. Jinbao bowed and followed him. Clouds dispersed after a while. The elderly man nodded and said with a smile, "Do you want to collect medicine? I am collecting medicines. Now you don’t know medicines, but I know.” Jinbao kneeled and said, "I am not collecting medicines, but I want to be taught. " The elderly man said, "Sit down! Let me tell you. Zhonghuang Mountains has a medicinal herb, with taste neither bitter nor sour, property neither hot nor cold, light and thin, pure and clean, named Ganoderma. Taking it ensures longevity and health, preventing any diseases, but you can only meet it once in 500 years. Taihang Mountains has a medicinal herb, with red sprouts and purple flower, roots like vollong, leaves like green wings, named Ginseng. Taking it ensures youth and longevity, preventing diseases and weakness, but you can only be meet it once every 300 years. Nantiao Mountains has a medicinal herb, warm and mild, fragrant and spicy, with striking fragrance and aroma, named Atractylodes. Taking it ensures mind nourishment, rescuing the dead and saving life, getting rid of disease roots, eliminating evil plague, comfortable sleeping, but you can only meet it once in 100 years. Goulou Mountains has a tree, fragrant and sweet, driving away evils and ghosts, named is Laurel. Boiling and taking it drives any evils, eliminating poisons, helping advantages and suppressing disadvantage, condensing vital energy and restoring vitality. Minshan Mountains has a medicinal herb on the north slope, with thick leaves and gold cluster roots, bitter and hot, named Rhubarb. Boiling and taking it eliminates any evils, resolving diseases, cleaning up dirt, removing annoying heat. Taking this medicine when necessary, ensuring efficiency. Selecting it carefully! Avoiding selecting this medicine just by appearance, ensuring fine quality. " After that, the elderly man left leisurely, without knowing where to go. His words sounding like thunders enlightened Jinbao suddenly. Since then, in spite of cold and hot weather, in spite of cliffs and thorns, he tried all the herbs, centering on medicinal herbs. Supplying outstanding and rare medicinal materials, he became popular among famous doctors and businessmen. Passing on to his descendants, he helped the society with sound medicine, saving countless people, including the rich and the poor. For more than 100 years, with booming business, his family remains popular in Suzhou and Hangzhou. Manjushri Bodhisattva ordered Sudhana to collect medicinal herbs, and Sudhana saw everything on the earth as medicine, so the people taking medicine had the heart of saving life, saving suffering, saving kindness; With sound medicines, helping the society, Li Liangji aim thus highlighted.